Spruce Up Your Home Office

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Spruce Up Your Home Office


Whether you work from home or just use your home office for your household, making it an inviting and organized space is easy with these tips:

  •  Make maximum use of space with shelves, overheads, nesting pedestals and tables.
  •  If your real estate is limited, make good use of vertical space with towers, overheads bins, shelves and hanging pencil cups, paper clip trays, etc.
  •  A side table extends your work area and helps keep your main work surface free of clutter.     
  •  Use a lateral filing cabinet as opposed to a standard vertical cabinet. 
  •  Only keep current projects on your desk. Use stack-able file trays for easy access and to save space.
  •  Set aside one morning or afternoon each month to make a clean sweep through your office. File finished projects or remove them totally if you won't need it in the near  future.
  • Be sure and add a personal touch like family pictures, a colorful mouse pad, or special collection.  

Here are some great examples of home office spaces from pinterest:

office 1                 office                   office 4 

 office 2            office 3